Refurbished Desktop Intel Core I7

Explore our collection of refurbished desktops featuring Intel Core i7 processors. These desktops offer a powerful and efficient computing experience, making them ideal for demanding tasks like content creation, video editing, and gaming. The Intel Core i7 processor provides lightning-fast speeds and smooth multitasking, ensuring you can handle any workload with ease. With our range of refurbished i7 desktops, you can enjoy top-tier performance without the premium price. Upgrade to a high-powered computing solution with our i7 refurbished desktops.

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  • Sale! Refurbished-HP400 G3

    Refurbished HP Desktop I7 6th

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  • Sale! HP400-G4-Z240-Intel

    Refurbished HP Desktop Intel-I7-7gen

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  • Sale! LENOVOM58-Intel-C2D

    Refurbished LENOVO M93-Intel-I7-4th Desktop

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