Refurbished-HP ProDesk Intel-I5-7gen Desktop


Refurbished-HP400 G4 / LENOVO M710E-Intel-I5-7gen

Looking for a high-performance desktop computer at an affordable price point? Check out our selection of refurbished desktops, including the HP400 G4 and Lenovo M710E with Intel i5 7th generation processors. Our refurbished desktops have undergone a thorough refurbishment process to ensure they are in excellent working condition. Buying a refurbished desktop is not only a cost-effective solution but also a sustainable choice that helps to reduce e-waste. Shop our selection of refurbished desktops today and enjoy the benefits of a high-quality computer at a fraction of the cost.

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Unlock Productivity with a Refurbished HP ProDesk Intel-I5-7gen Desktop

Experience reliable performance at a fraction of the cost with a Refurbished HP ProDesk featuring an Intel i5 7th Gen processor. This expertly restored desktop is your key to efficiency, multitasking prowess, and cost-effective computing.

The Intel i5 7th Gen processor ensures smooth operation, making it an ideal choice for work, study, or entertainment. Our rigorous refurbishment process guarantees that you receive a dependable system that performs like new.

Upgrade your workspace with confidence and enjoy the advantages of a certified Refurbished HP ProDesk – Intel i5 7th Gen Desktop. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your productivity without breaking the bank. Get yours today!

Brand HP
Model 400 G4 / LENOVO M710E
Processor Intel
Processor Model I5
Generation 7gen
 Hard disk 500GB
Warranty 1-year Warranty
OS Win 10 Pro
QA Check This product has been professionally inspected and tested to be fully functional by Vedant Computers
Note This is a refurbished product and may have a few visible signs of earlier use


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